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Fidget Promos UK are one of the UK's top suppliers of custom branded fidget spinners and fidget rollers, stress balls, puzzles and other fun promotional products. Our range of novelty items make great promotional giveaways or executive gifts and all offer high impact branding opportunities!

We supply promotional products to companies ranging from large multinations to SMEs, charities and voluntary groups, and clubs and other organisations looking to promote their brand or message.

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What Are Branded Fidget Spinners & Rollers?

Fidget spinners fit in your hand and are normally made of plastic with metal bearings. The user holds the centre between a thumb and a finger and spins; the bearing allows it to spin for a long time. Once started, the spinner keeps on spinning. Fidget Spinners can be branded with your logo or name to boost your brand recognition and connect with customers and prospective customers.

Fidget rollers are made of hardwood and are oblong shaped with rounded edges which allow it to spin, roll, flip and do other tricks.

Some studies in the media suggest that fidget products helps relieve tension and stress in people affected by conditions like ADHD and autism. However they are, ultimately, a product to fidget with, which seems to be enjoyable to everyone.


Looking for a Low Quantity of Fidget Spinners, Fidget Rollers or other Gifts

We sell custom branded fidget products & other promotional gifts with minimum quantities starting at around 100 units depending on the product.

Many of our customers ask about buying single items. If you are looking to buy one or two fidget spinners, fidget rollers or other products we've put together some links where they can be purchased online.